Three Throwbacks from the Year

This Christmas I’m going to celebrate in the UK for the second time my life. TIME FLIES! My very first blog as student communication ambassador  was in February and now is END OF THE YEAR which mean is been 10months now. I can’t believe it.

Gonna talk about me as the student communication ambassador (SCA). I was abit nervous about taking this role because I never imagine myself being in front of the camera but now I got use to it (i still get nervous especially doing live stream on different social media platforms) but this role brings out of my comfort zone. ^^ 

I am going to share with you my top 3 #throwback moments of being SCA:

No.3 Get recognised by others

You have known I worked in Ember Lounge. You might see me on my shift during your lunch time/Tuesday karaoke and etc. I was just  your any other bar staffs at Ember. There’s one time i get recognised by one of the new student and she asked if I was the girl in the facebook live video/vlog. I was blushed to admit because she told me she have been followed and watched our videos!


No.2 The never-racking Facebook live

Doesn’t matter how many I did it, i still get nervous every single time. The very first time i did was with Natalie. We were doing the Hanley City Tour. We were so scare that we meet up an hour earlier before to discuss what we going talk about, bouncing each other ideas, topics that we can speak about. The next thing we knew we were live on facebook for an hour. Besides, Nom and me did a Autumn Awards Instagram live as well. I have to confess, we were meant to Facebook live but we were struggling for quite some time. Because of all the technical issues, got us start Instagram live instead. ><

No.1 The SCA Family.

I remember the first time walked into the meeting room, I saw Hayley, Gee, Matt and Andrew (who has started next chapter of his life). I was the newbie in the room, I was quiet and abit shy. Then, we have Natalie, Nom and Philip joined us slightly later and our newest members in the family, Alison and James have joined the family. and obviously the one and only, Laura who is the amazing person behind all of us and support us in many ways.

And now, this special Christmas vlog is the sign off of 2018 from the SCA Family^^

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^^

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