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Hi there, I’m James Anthony Baldwin and Christmas is right around the corner! It’s often speculated what this festive time of year is REALLY all about. Presents? Family? Faith? Well I’m here to say, you’re asking all the wrong questions. Because, there’s a much more important mystery to be solved. What you really should be asking is: What is the best Christmas movie of all time?

Well guess what, I’ve figured it out. After 2 weeks of bingeing countless Christmas films I finally have the answer. So, here are my TOP 3 Christmas films of all time!

3. The Polar Express by Robert Zemeckis. I. LOVE. THIS. FILM. If you’ve not watched it already (in which case you should get on that), is a story about a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Clause that takes a magical train ride to the North Pole. He then embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him the wonder of life never fades for those who believe in something. I suppose in the literal sense of the film it’s the belief in Santa but on a deeper level it just feels like it’s saying live your best life and you’ll be happy WHICH IS SO CUTE. Also, Tom Hanks plays like 20 different characters which if that doesn’t sell it I don’t know what will…

Some people tend to find the animation in this film a bit creepy but honestly I’ve never had a problem with it, sure it’s a little dated but it has never bothered me once. On top of that the music, action and voice acting are SO GOOD.


2. Bad Santa by Terry Zwigoffd. This one’s a little bit naughty. A little more unconventional, it’s a black comedy about a drunken, crude, selfish mall Santa who befriends a troubled young boy and begins to feel like he can grow to be a better person. And in a way, he does! I mean he robs the mall and gets shot in the process but he does it to give a little boy his present which is just so wholesome and in the Christmas spirit if you ask me! It’s such a funny experience watching this man go around causing chaos, screaming at children and seeing him progressively get worse before he can get better. Also, Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox are a perfect combo and anyone who doesn’t agree is being a total Grinch.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS. A Christmas Story! Home Alone! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! Jingle All the Way! Gremlins! & finally, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh! That last one was a close joint first not gonna lie. But alas, we come to our final movie… for real this time… The number one Christmas movie of all time is…

Die Hard. Jokes, Die Hard is definitely not a Christmas film — @ me if you disagree and we will debate about it!


1. It’s a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra. That’s probably really underwhelming after hearing Die Hard but stay with me on this. I very nearly put ‘A Christmas Story’ in this top spot as I do love that film dearly. However, after a refreshing watch of this film any doubts were soon thrown out the window because it’s honestly just a brilliant Christmas film– Nay, film in general. I personally believe it has the most perfect message for a Christmas film and it centres around the most relatable character. The story follows a father who’s life just doesn’t seem to be going right. So, he decides enough’s enough and he’s going to end his life (festive I know but here me out). He’s stopped however by a ‘guardian angel’ who shows him how valuable he is to the people around him and shows him how the problems don’t really matter if he continues to look after others. As long as you are good and kind to others then your life will be better for it. WHICH IS TRUE! And just the perfect message for a Christmas film. Many other Christmas films have great messages but none delivered in quite such a relatable and wholesome way as this.



Those are my suggestions for Christmas movies, if you have anything you feel I should have mentioned please throw them down in the comments or tweet us @staffsuni with #staffschristmasmovie! We’d love to hear your favourite Christmas films so do let us know! That’s it from me! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas a very happy holidays!

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