Book Suggestions

Thompson Library I used to read a lot of books before university but then I soon struggled to find the time to read in peace. However I have recently got back into it and I have a few favourites which can appeal to everyone whether you prefer ebooks or paperbacks/hardbacks.

My favourite at the moment would be Unfamous by Scotty Unfamous which is about a university student who has to deal with finding herself and trying to fit in as well as getting in with the popular people but her biggest problem of all is being reunited with her ex boyfriend who she has unfinished business with. I really enjoy this book as it’s easy to relate to considering I’m a university student and some of the problems which she goes through are things that many students go through too which is why I’ve read the book a couple times (blushes).

Another book I would recommend would be cry silent tears, it is a bit of a sad one but if you enjoy true stories this will be a favourite. It is about a young boy called Joe who witnessed his father’s death and was left at the mercy of his abusive family. The story is of how he managed to overcome what happened to him and escape his abusive family.

A favourite author of mine would be Omar Tyree,his books are very urban and leave you hooked due to the amazing writing styles. I would also recommend Malorie Blackman’s noughts and crosses series which is a powerful story of a interracial couple whose family don’t condone them being together and will do anything to keep them apart.

I’m looking for some new books to read of any genre and it would be great to receive some suggestions. What’s your favourite genre and why? What would you recommend?Thompson Library