Struggling to balance everything

So, being a student is quite fun as you may have heard, but there are so many things that I have struggled with, including finding enough time to deal with everything. I constantly struggle having to prepare and write my assignments, go on placements, keep in touch with my family and friends, and doing things I enjoy such as working out and reading. I have found that I have spent less time doing the things that I enjoy, and it has really impacted on my mood and general well-being.

Time management is a skill that does not come easy, especially for me. I am a great procrastinator so I will worry about doing my work and other things, while I could use that time to do something else. I always feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for me, but if you think about it, there actually are.

I am not going to tell you how to manage your time, because I myself struggle with it in general. I guess this is just a little insight and the honest truth of the difficulty being a student, especially for a course that is 50% theory and 50% clinical.

I think the difficulty with struggling to balance things is that it turns into a vicious cycle, and it can become exhausting. I have definitely reached that point, and I think writing this will help you understand that it is normal, it does happen, but you can help change things.

The university is very good at dealing with student problems, and has services in place to help with literally anything. They have the Student Enabling Centre, where there are people who you can talk to about anything, knowing that it will be kept confidential. There is also the Multi Faith Chaplaincy for those times where things become too much, and you just need some peace and quiet, or maybe just a chat. Basically, people working for the university are so friendly and are always willing to help.

This blog post has been a bit different to my other ones because I am not writing things in a set way, but I am just writing what I honestly feel. I do think there comes a time where you just feel like giving up on your degree and everything, but make use of the resources that are available all around. I am still struggling to balance things, but when I do find a good way, I will be very sure to share it with you all.

Maybe you have some tips on how to balance lots of different things, or how to manage your time. If you do, please do leave a comment and share some tips, we can all help each other.

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Hi! I'm a 3rd year Midwifery student, and in my spare time you'll usually find me reading, listening to music or buying things I don't need! When I graduate I'm looking forward to becoming a registered as a professional at 21, and making a difference. I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because the university is friendly and has a real community feel.