My Revision Tips

So the time of headaches, lack of sleep and failed diets are approaching! That’s right, the exam period is coming up so I thought I’d share with you some of my, personal favourite, revision tips to hopefully help you get some extra marks in your exams.

Start revision early- Try and start a couple of months before you exam dates, try setting a timetable of what you’ll study and when; make sure you stick to it!


Don’t turn into a zombie– If you find yourself doing nothing but revision you’re most likely going to turn yourself into a “revision zombie” (THIS IS NOT GOOD, although it does sound like a cool idea). Make sure you’ve got time to do things you enjoy, don’t feel guilty to have a day off, just make sure you get back to schedule after!


Re-organise the information– Studies have shown that just simply reading material will not necessarily allow you to remember it, try writing it in your own words; should help remembering the facts!


REST!!-  Sleeping and resting will not only rejuvenate you, it is very important to keep your body clock clicking over normally!


Practice makes perfect- As i am sure you already know, the more you practice at something the better you become at it. This is, of course, the same for exams! The more you practice answering possible questions, the better you’ll become!


Mind Maps- If you have an essay to answer in your exam it is a great idea to create yourself a mind map of all the key points that you will talk about during your answer.

Although these tips seem like common sense, implementing them will ensure you’ve prepared for your exams sufficiently and effectively! If you really want good grades you’ll put the effort in and try your all!

So what are you waiting for? Get revising and best of luck with your exams!


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