#AllStokedUp: My Favourite On-Campus Venue

In preparation for the #AllStokedUp Campus Launch Party, I thought I would talk about one of my favourite venues on campus…Ember Lounge.


This is definitely the place at uni that I spend the most of my social and free time for a number of reasons. Especially being a part of the LGBT+ Network (this year I am the communications officer for the network), we have our meet ups every week in Ember. So it is safe to say, I have become very familiar with that venue and the menu.

I always refer to Ember as the ‘student pub’ as it is very much our version of Wetherspoons with the cocktail pitchers and the variety of food. Speaking of food, I am particularly fond of the curly fries and I always make sure to have them when I’m eating there!

Breaded Chicken Dippers and Curly Fries!


What’s even better is that you can order the food to take out as well!

In general, as well I feel like there is always something going on there. Now I’m not a big sporting fan myself but Ember is a great atmosphere for you to be able to watch the football etc. with your friends on a big projector screen.

Obviously the karaoke nights on Tuesday are incredibly popular, although I have actually only ever been to one it was a lot of fun! I was meeting up with my flat mates from first year and we all had a lot of fun that evening singing along to someone doing Angels by Robbie Williams and drinking cocktails.

I have done the ‘pub quiz’ a couple of times as well with friends which is also a lot of fun regardless of how well you do in the quiz. It’s only £1 per member of your team to take part and there are several different rounds that you might do better in than others. Like I know I always seem to be particularly bad at the music round! Overall though, the pub quiz is a really good, fun way to spend the end of your week.

Anyway, that’s what I’m #AllStokedUp about but what do you love about Stoke? What place on Stoke campus do you frequent the most? Post your comments below. 


We are proud of all we have achieved here at Staffordshire University, and we want you to help us celebrate by painting the city red! Discover what we’ve got lined up: http://allstokedup.staffs.ac.uk/

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Karis here! I came to an open day at Staffs and fell in love, now I’m in my third year studying Photography! I’m part of a Dance club, and love to hang out at Ember Lounge (the food is amazing!) I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because of the efforts made to have the student voice be heard – getting to university is what I’m most proud of, too.

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