19 reasons why I’m #AllStokedUp about Stoke…


  1. Off-campus accommodation is almost as close to the university as the on-campus accommodation.
  2. There is a careers department which can not only help with jobs after graduating university but also for getting part time work, work experience or voluntary work while still in university.
  3. There are lots of places to socialise with friends including Ember Lounge, Verve and squeeze box.

    Verve - an American diner style place to eat on-campus
    Verve – an American diner style place to eat on-campus
  4. The students union also campaigns on a range of issues for its students such as opposing increases in tuition fees and improving students’ mental welfare.
  5. The sports centre also provides areas for exercise classes and clubs such as netball, table tennis, boxing and many more.
  6. There is lots of support and help available to students in the form of the student enabling centre, the students union, tutors, course leaders, peer mentors etc.
  7. Hanley shopping centre is only a short bus ride away and has nearly every shop someone could wish for as well as bowling alleys, restaurants and nightclubs.
  8. There are lots of built-for-purpose facilities which make studying easier with all the necessary equipment right at your fingertips.
  9. Each subject has their own subject librarian who is able to help them find the resources they will need to succeed.
  10. The campus is located very near to several supermarkets either in Fenton, Stoke town or Hanley.
  11. Stoke campus has an on-campus nightclub which runs two student nights on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  12. The university is constantly investing money into building and buying new facilities and updating the old ones.

    One of the new music rooms
    One of the new music rooms
  13. Sir Stanley Mathews sports centre provides an on-campus gym for students at a fantastic rate.
  14. The student’s union runs over 90 clubs and societies with new ones created every year.
  15. The library has thousands of books, e-books, journals and papers and adds more up to date ones as and when they are released.
  16. Lecturers are highly qualified and often active in their field to keep their knowledge up to date.
  17. Stoke train station is less than 5 minutes from the campus and provides good links to lots of cities. London is about 90 minutes direct from stoke station, Manchester is about 45 minutes and Birmingham is about 50 minutes.
  18. The careers department will continue to help students with careers advice even after they have left the university.
  19. Stoke campus has a very friendly atmosphere with everyone working together to give the students the best degree they can and the best experience while at university.
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