Finding the Balance

When you’re an independent student, no matter what level you’re at, I think one of the biggest things to manage is finding balance within your life. It can be finding the balance between many things such as your studies, social activities, your part-time job and just taking care of yourself in general.

I know for myself, around this time last year I was incredibly busy with my studies and genuinely didn’t have time to go to the doctors so I could update my prescription that helps my eczema. Not to mention that I had particularly bad eczema on my wrists at the time, that needed to be fixed really!

You do really need to learn how to prioritise your tasks, which is something that I clearly need to improve on! But I think it is something that is quite impossible to perfect, although there are small ways you can try and be a bit more balanced.

I think the big over-arching skills needed to find the balance in your life is time management and organisation.

For myself, the way I tend to work is by doing all of the tasks for my studies and other things that I need to do during the day. Leaving the evening for me to go to any social commitments or outings (e.g. going to Gobble, Mukky, Verve or Ember Lounge) and just generally relax by watching stuff on YouTube or Netflix. It is a good way to incentivize yourself as well in that if you complete all of your work then you can treat yourself by taking a break and doing something fun or relaxing.

As you can probably see from the photo above, I basically organise my life by bullet journaling, which you can find out more about by simply Google searching ‘bullet journal’. Although that system doesn’t necessarily work for everyone and it’s important to find your own method of organisation that works for you! In general though, I am a bit of a to-do list and stationery fiend! I’m constantly using my bullet journal and writing out mini to-do lists of my day on post-it notes!

However, this is just my personal experience and the methods of how I organise my life and find the balance! How do you find the balance between your studies and social life?

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Karis here! I came to an open day at Staffs and fell in love, now I’m in my third year studying Photography! I’m part of a Dance club, and love to hang out at Ember Lounge (the food is amazing!) I’m #ProudToBeStaffs because of the efforts made to have the student voice be heard – getting to university is what I’m most proud of, too.

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