5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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It’s the time of the year where millions of deadlines are creeping up…essays, exams, presentations…the lot! Avoiding your work by doing things such as scrolling through social media, playing games or watching TV will not only lessen the time you have to do your work, but in the long run make you feel more and more guilty. Whether you are at university, school or college right now, procrastination will not help you reach your end-goals. So here are some 5 ways to (hopefully) help you to face your work, feel a bit better and stop all that procrastination!

Listen to motivational music

There’s nothing like listening to some Beyoncé and feeling on top of the world. Well, use that feeling to actually get some work done. Find a cool playlist on Spotify that you can listen to whilst doing some work or when you are feeling like giving up. There is something about music that can uplift us, so why not use it to our advantage when we are feeling like procrastinating?

Read motivational quotes

This may seem really cheesy, but reading motivational quotes can make you feel bad about wasting your time and push you to use your time wisely. Whether it is on Pinterest, Instagram or Google, there is nothing like reading a quote that motivates you to do your best.

Study in a quiet place

This can either be any of the awesome libraries here at Staffordshire University or in the comfort of your own bedroom. By studying in a quiet place, you will be less inclined to make noise and distract others. This in turn will make you less likely to procrastinate, as you are forced to study or do something productive.

Reward yourself

Whether you have worked hard for a solid hour or you finished one of your essays earlier than expected, treat yourself! You can do this by watching an episode of your favourite TV show or going out one day in the week. By doing these things as a reward rather than a norm, it can help you to stay focused and less likely to procrastinate.

Remember why you started

When you are endlessly scrolling through Twitter wondering whether your education is worth it, think about why you started and what your end goal is. You need to do a degree of hard work to get to where you want to be. So, stop procrastinating and use your time wisely to get you to that end goal of yours!

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