Business Student Mythbusters: 5 Things You Thought You Knew

When I tell people I’m studying Accounting and Finance, they always seem to react by wincing and saying something along the lines of “Ouch” or “Rather you than me!” So I thought I’d ask them why, and bust some myths about the Business School!

  1. “They’re all boring people who do nothing but study”

A nice harsh one to start off with, and this comes from my partner of six years… Thanks Gee!

There’s no more studying in Business subjects than any other course at uni! We’re expected to keep up to date with what happens in the business world news, and we’re also expected to do a decent amount of independent study outside of lectures. No more than any other course. We’re not always studying though… Just last week a few course mates and I went bowling in Newcastle, and to a rock club night afterwards…



  1. “You have to be good at Maths and Law”

Definitely not! Obviously a basic grasp of maths is a plus, but you don’t have to do any maths for the most part. And when you do, you can just use a calculator! And you only need to be good at law for the Law school. If you’re not breaking them, you’re probably fine!



  1. “There’s a lot of Mature Students”

This one might have some truth. I’ll admit that business subjects aren’t the most appealing to 18 year olds! On my course, it’s about 70/30 College Leavers to Mature students. Having said that, when you’re on the course, it doesn’t matter! You all get along, work together and socialise anyway, and you honestly don’t notice any age gaps.

Myth: Confirmed (sort of)


  1. “It’s all spreadsheets and graphs and PowerPoints”

Nope! You will see a lot of those things if you’re studying business, but there’s a lot more too. The lecturers are good at giving you the content in an interesting way, often letting you find your own way of researching, and class discussion is frequent and varied.



  1. “It’s all very serious”

What’s wrong with being serious? We’re learning how financial departments, businesses, even the economy, function. The people who run the country studied Business subjects. Yes, it isn’t the most exciting thing ever to everyone, but the lecturers and the people make the course fun and interesting! Besides, it’s not always serious…

We took a trip to the Financial District in London to get research for our assessments… Yes this photo was submitted.

Myth: Confirmed (But not always!)


So there we are! Hopefully this has cleared up some stereotypes about Business students. If you meet us in the wild, we’re just like you!



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