The Typical Weekend

Since I’m here, in the UK. I kind of changing my lifestyle. Probably a bit more healthier? more positive for sure.

I love weekends. I spend most of my time on baking, grocery shopping and of course doing assignments (the due date is closer and closer).

Usually I will go gym in the morning, then go to the market in Hanley. The veggie and fruits in market (indoor and outdoor) is quite cheap. So I would brought a lot of them for the week and that’s my TIPS to save some money. Go to those market to get cheap stuff to cook at home.

I love baking. There are days I spend the entire afternoon on baking. Sometime, I make bread; Sometime, I make cake. It all depends what I feel like doing on the day. And guess what, I don’t do the measuring thingy. Partly because I don’t have the weighting scale and I don’t intend to have one as well.><  So I would know is the right amount of butter/water/flour and many more? I am just looking at it and touching it. I only started baking when I’m here and I love it.

 (This is the chocolate buns I made, taste good)


So here’s the glimpse of my weekend in 60sec.





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