What My Second Year at Uni Taught Me

Annrose Midwifery Student
Annrose Midwifery Student

My second year of university is finally over and I couldn’t be happier. It has definitely been the hardest year so far, but i have learnt so many things along the way. some of the things are to do with the academic side of university, but there have also been some general life lessons I have learnt too. 

Procrastination and laziness will not lead to success

If second year taught me anything, it has been this. I am such a procrastinator which in turn makes me lazy when it comes to doing my assignments. I can say that I definitely saw the effects of the ‘toxic’ combination of these two things, as my grades suffered. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to do this year and a lot of it is to blame for my procrastinating and lazy ways. If i spent more time doing my assignments than thinking of doing my assignments, I am sure that I would have succeeded this year. So let’s just say that I have learned from my mistakes this year and I aim to be more proactive in my education in my third year. 

Organisation is key

I realised that I did better in things when I planned and organised them. This is not just for my assignments, but other things in life too. I decided to start using a planner and journal and i definitely feel that I feel less stressed about things when I plan ahead for them.

Not having many friends isn’t a bad thing

I definitely lost a lot of ‘friends’ this year and although this was hard at first, I am glad it happened. I feel like the friends I have in my life now actually care about my actual wellbeing and encourage me to do well. Because I didn’t have so many friends as I did in first year, it meant that I went out less and focused my time, money and energy on better things!

Nothing worth having comes easy

Although I knew this to be true, I truly learnt the extent of this statement this year. I had a lot of personal things happen which meant the thought of ‘quitting’ was in my head quite a lot. But I have come to the realisation that all the work I have been putting into this degree will one day be worth it, so until then I will be working hard to get there. 

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