4 New Year Resolutions from Students at Staffs

To be a better person, this year I’ve made some bad decisions and choices in life and next year I’d like to work on becoming a better person and off the old person I once was. 

How? Join a club or society. Staffordshire University’s Students’ Union has so many clubs and societies to get involved in to help you, help others. From the Mental Health and Wellbeing Society – created to support other students with their mental health: ‘We are dedicated to helping students get the best experience they can while at university as well as setting up a social support network where members can meet others of a similar mindset and/or experiences.’  To the Freemasons Society which leads to membership of ‘non-denominational non-discrimitory worldwide organisation which promotes charity and harmony between all genders, religions and ethnicities.’ There is also the Growing Concern Society which focuses on sustainability and caring for the environment.


To prioritise work and opportunities better, so as to look after myself more. I tend to put myself under a lot of pressure and undue stress by taking on a lot of things at the same time, which has had an impact on my mental and physical health. Self-care FTW!

How? Drew could take some time out for himself by joining a sports club, or make use of the University’s new social spaces. He may even choose to attend more of the events that happen on campus to give him the time he needs away from his studies. You can subscribe to our events list here so you don’t miss a thing! Drew may also benefit from making the most of the tools to help his studies that the University offers – with research tools, e-learning resources and Academic Skills Know-How he may be able to plan his study time more effectively to give himself more free time.


Mine is to finally finish the costumes I start! Because this year I’ve started 6 costumes and only finished one! Oh! And to get back into yoga to improve my health and outlook!

How? Gee loves to get creative and make her Cosplay costumes – perhaps she may look to join the Cosplay society to be able to dedicate more time to getting them finished. As for the yoga classes, Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre holds yoga classes on Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday’s at 12:30pm and Thursday’s at 6pm. The classes cost just £3 for students/staff at the University, and £4 for the public. The classes are also included in any of their peak memberships! Discover more about the sports centre here.


To be kind to myself by looking after my mind, my body and my soul.

How? Did you know that the University offers mental wellbeing support and advice? Our student support team are available to chat to, for anyone who feels they may benefit from the service. It can be accessed at: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/study/disabled/mental_wellbeing/


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