Wedding Season

Summer is that time of year where many couples choose to get married mainly due to the beautiful weather and people are more likely to attend especially if it’s an outdoor wedding.

This month and next month my sister is getting married. Now I know you’re probably thinking wait… She’s getting married twice? Well let me explain. I’m half Ghanaian and in our culture you have a traditional wedding and then the White wedding in a church. The traditional wedding is pretty much more for the Ghanaian community than the actual couple themselves as without the traditional wedding they won’t see you as married even if you have done the white wedding. I myself don’t know what the traditional wedding is like as I was young when my parents did there’s so I don’t remember which means this is a new experience for me.

Weddings can be very stressful for everyone especially if you play a big role (I’m a bridesmaid). It can also be stressful being a student especially if you’re still in education when the wedding will be taking place, luckily for me I’m not in university while my sister is getting married however I was at university when they started making plans for the wedding so I was under a lot of pressure to find a bridesmaid dress which was hard due to the colour scheme and budget but we finally found dresses and me and my little sister love them!

As university students in love you may be engaged and planning a wedding and that can be stressful as you’re studying/ doing assignments and on top of that planning something as big as a wedding which means that the number one thing you have to do is to come up with a schedule. Plan when you will studying or writing your assignment and find a time around that to plan your wedding because education is the most important thing and you came to university to get that degree so you get that degree! You and your other half should work together and ladies especially you need to push this as I know women love to do most of the work in most situations.

For those of you who are engaged or getting married this summer congratulations! If you’re going to a wedding or you’re part of a wedding let me know how that experience was for you.