Reflecting on Year 1: The Uni experience

I still remember the night before I moved into halls. I barely slept just because I did not know what to expect! Now a year has passed, how quick does time go?! I have had some good times and not so good times, but I wouldn’t change the experience at all! I thought that by honestly reflecting on my experience in different ways it could help those that are about to start university.

Welcome Week (Fresher’s Week)
Mukky Duck photo from the Students' Union Legends venueI really enjoyed fresher’s week and I made sure I enjoyed it to the fullest because you’re only a fresher once! I remember going to the move-in party knowing that I had my first lecture in the morning! I made a lot of friends during Fresher’s, although I don’t speak to some of them now. That’s one thing I have learnt this year, that the friends you make at the beginning aren’t necessarily going to be your friends for life. Fresher’s isn’t just about going out and getting very drunk (but by all means, you can do that too!), but it is also a great time to explore your university and join a lot of societies. Because of the nature of my course I haven’t really had the time to join any societies, but I remember the fare in the sport’s hall, which had representatives from all the different societies. It is a great way to join something that you enjoy, and it is a great place to make some friends too! As I mentioned before, Fresher’s week as a fresher is a ‘once in a lifetime’ thing, so I would make the most out of it and make as many friends as you can!

Student NightI have made so many friends at university that I can have a great time with. I have also been very lucky to make friends that I can be open with and trust and that is quite difficult for me to do. Two of my best friends I met in halls, both being my flatmates. I also made a lot of girl friends on nights out, in particular on Friday nights at Mukky Duck! Because I am quite a sociable person and I like being around people (whilst being very shy too), I find it quite easy to make friends, once I feel comfortable. So what I would say is just be nice and friendly to everyone!




Student House MatesLiving in halls has been very interesting. I enjoyed it because it was close to the uni and I was able to make friends easily (tip: get a door stop and leave your door open during fresher’s week, people will be more open to say hi!). However there comes a time where you get tired living with people, especially when people are quite messy and always leave toilets and kitchens in a mess! Would I live in halls again? I totally would, as I have become totally independent and made a lot of friends here. The only thing I have struggled with is being away from home, in particular I have started to become really homesick in the last two months. I think this is because everyone started to go back home and I was stuck here. I couldn’t just knock on my flatmate’s door and ask if she wanted to go into town with me, so I started to feel quite lonely. It is difficult being away from home, but having friends often makes you feel better. Although I had a good time in halls, I am looking forward to live in a house with like-minded people who are clean, respectable and don’t play loud music at 3AM in the morning when you have a shift the next day!

This first year of university has been really exciting and I am so glad I got so involved in it. I am glad I didn’t stay in my room and miss out on meeting new people. My experience has meant that I have met and become friends with people from different backgrounds that I otherwise wouldn’t have been associated myself with! I am so sad I won’t be a fresher anymore, but I look forward to see what these next few years of university have in store for me!

Ann 🙂


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