Welcomed Back by Welcome Week

Student's Assemble!

And what a week it was! Setting foot on campus again after a long summer, it felt like I had never left. Seeing all the familiar faces dotted around, it was hard to realise that this was potentially the last welcome week, and last year, that I would get to spend time with them.

The week started off with a bang! That is, some kids thought it was funny to bash down my back gate and throw paint at my back door. At the time I panicked and ended up spending some time with my good mates from 1st year, which was lovely had it not been for the circumstances. By the next day, my landlord’s parents came by and fixed everything up, good as new, and I was ready to enjoy a week of fun before my course began (Note: If you have any problems with your landlord, and are unable to rectify them yourself, get in contact with Greenpad for help and advice).

Next came the move-in party, and boy was that busy! Luckily, thanks to the purchase of a Welcome Wristband, I managed to jump the massive queue waiting outside LRV, and headed straight to the Verve entrance. Granted as I soon as I reached Verve I ended up getting body slammed to the ground by an over-energetic, over-intoxicated friend, but getting in quicker helped ease the pain. That being said, after a bit of boogieing and snapping a few pictures, the night was getting a bit… tiresome? Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe it was the lack of drink in my system due to the massive crowds around the bar, but my roommate and I ended up finishing the night early, heading back home (whilst escorting that incredibly drunk friend back to his).

A few days of rest and recuperation, and the clubs and societies fair came around. I have to admit, it is always a nice scene to see the campus so busy and full of life. Only last year I was manning a stand myself, having created the Marvel Society with a couple close friends. Now I was once again free to roam around and see everything that was on offer. If you haven’t already signed up to a society or sports club, do get involved. Check them out here

Student's Assemble!
Student’s Assemble!

I was inducted into my final year on my course, and met up with my personal tutor/project supervisor to go over plans for the year, and my future. I also went to the Back To School Gobble night, also leaving early to eat chips and watch a film with my roommate, and the following evening went to the Marvel Movie Marathon. Then, the week culminated in the first ever Mukky Duck on campus, which by all accounts was a massive success. Worries about the integration of the Stafford and Stoke campus were put to rest, and everyone I met had an amazing time. The theme was UV, and if you know me, I’m a sucker for a good theme and an opportunity to dress up.


For me, Welcome Week is a whirlwind that you get sucked into and get whisked around; enjoying everything that student life has to offer. Then it eventually settles, and after getting over the initial disorientation, you begin to settle into the routine of lectures, studying, and the chill moments you get to spend with friends and people in the societies you have joined. I thoroughly enjoy the experience, and will sorely miss it when university life is over for me. If you have a year or more on your course left, when Welcome Week eventually roles around again, make the most of it while you still can.

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