The Power of the Cadman Library

“You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!’’ – The 10th Doctor (David Tennant)

Now, you may think of ignoring this blog but I must urge to you all, whether you are first, second or third years of the power that the Cadman Library holds.

Yes! The library is literally a powerhouse that will help you achieve that FIRST in your degree. The best thing about the library is that it’s FREE. Yes! You heard me. It’s free for all students.

I know the first year of university is known as the ‘introductory’ course, and in some regards it is. It is a time for you to get the taster of the course and be introduced to the social aspects of life. What I find great about the university is that it allows you the freedom and take responsibility of your own education. However, there is something I do wish to tell you first years. You need to pass the first year with at least a 2:1, if you wish to do a master’s degree after university.

Hence, this is why I mention why Cadman Library in the best stop for you all. Within those ancient yet sturdy walls holds the power to get you the grade you so rightfully deserve, all you have to do is walk inside and grasp the opportunity. The lecturers on your course will happily pass down their knowledge to you but it’s up to you in your free time to go out and be able to gather as much research you can, to increase your already in-depth knowledge of the course.

As a student myself, the library has played a major impact on me in my first year as I wanted to achieve at least a 2:1 so that I be eligible for a master’s degree once I finish university. I recently had a look around at the library and it certainly has revamped during the summer. Everything has been catalogued to make it a lot easier for students to search for the right book. Not only that but the online library resource page is ideal if you want to download the latest e-books directly to your computer.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless and if it weren’t for the library, I don’t think I would have gained the knowledge that I now know.



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