Advice For All Freshers

Congratulations to all those joining us in September and I look forward to meeting you! University has many ups and downs but luckily you have me here to guide you on some do’s and dont’s.

Social Life

Not everyone you meet during Uni, especially during fresher’s week will still be there with you by the time you graduate, you will gain friends and you may also lose friends but that’s all part of life. Your social life at University plays a big part of your experience so do take advantage of it. Join all different types of clubs and societies in order to meet a range of different people from all different backgrounds, you will learn a lot from them.


“First year doesn’t count”

Please do not fall for this line, first year indeed does count or why would we bother doing it? Going to all your lectures is important because although there may be notes left online for you to read it won’t make any sense to you without further expansion which your lecturer will give you in class. If your lecturer doesn’t know who you are or how you work in class how will they be able to help you as best as they can? Many of us university students have made the mistake of missing lectures during first year due to raging hangovers or just simply not being bothered but don’t make that mistake because it will impact on your final grade.

Take advantage of the library and know where all the resources you will need will be and if you don’t know there are many people willing to help that you can ask.


Many people especially females have the fairytale idea of meeting their future partner at university. Now while it happens to some people, there are a lot of heartbreaks for many others. Take things slowly if you’re looking for a serious relationship and don’t rush into anything that you’re not comfortable with, that goes for guys and girls. If you do meet someone that you can see a potential future with STILL takes things slowly and just enjoy each other’s company before you take that next big step because you do have time.

Make sure that going to University is YOUR choice and not anybody else’s, remember that you will have to pay back all the loans you’ve taken out and think about how your degree will help you achieve what you want in future. I’ve seen a lot of people on social media already talking about all the raves and parties they’re going to! Don’t be one of those people that only want to go to University for the night life because £27000 is really not worth it!