Christmas at uni

Vegetables and meat on top of the cooker ready to be served

My housemates and I wanted to bring the Christmas spirit to our house here at uni, so we decided to have a Christmas dinner. Since I’ve never really had a proper dinner with friends around this time of year before, I thought this would be really nice.

On the morning before our dinner, we all popped into town to get the things we needed. As usual, it was rainy and wet and we all got soaked…but this didn’t stop us from our mission! After going to Lidl, Home Bargains and Asda we got all we needed to make a cracking Christmas dinner.

As the DJ of the night, I put on some classic Christmas tunes as we were dancing around the kitchen making some food. We decided to have chicken instead of your traditional turkey and one of my housemates had salmon as she’s a vegetarian.

Vegetables and meat on the top of the cooker ready to be served Cooking Salmon in a frying pan

Everyone got involved in making the chicken, salmon, the parsnips and carrots, roast and mashed potatoes, stuffing, pigs in blankets and gravy.

Mashing the potatoesMaking gravyFood in the cooker

About two hours later, our student version of a Christmas dinner was ready and it was really nice! We decided to wash our food down with some nice tropical juice and after our food coma wore off we all had some Christmas donuts.

sitting down eating christmas dinner together Christmas Donuts

A Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without watching a Christmas movie. We didn’t watch a traditional movie, but decided to watch a romantic festive one called A Royal Christmas. It was actually a really good movie!

Laptop on a chair to watch a movie

After all the food and drinks we all had four Christmas crackers to open, filled with novelty gifts, a paper crown and pretty rubbish jokes.Christmas Crackers

One of the jokes being what do you get when you cross two elephants and a fish? Swimming trunks. HAHA (!)

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