Friday Night In

Annrose with her friend on a night in

There is always a bit of pressure to go out on a Friday night, either to the students’ union or to a nightclub in town. However, it’s always nice to stay in and do something relaxing.

Onesie Movie Night

I don’t know if these are actually a thing, but I’ve definitely made them a thing in my life. What you will need is a housemate or two, all wearing onesies and a good movie to watch. You will also need some snacks such as chocolate or popcorn and you’re good to go! Not only are you comfortable in your onesie, you get to spend time eating snacks whilst being at the edge of your seat watching a thrilling movie! Bliss! Unless you’re like me and get scared at any little thing, then maybe a romantic movie will do. Movies I would recommend for such a night are Mean Girls, Clueless, or any of the Hunger Games movies.

Annrose with her friend on a night in

Games Night

I love these kind of nights because I am such a competitive person and they are a great way to bond with people. All you will need are some housemates, some snacks and some drinks (non-alcoholic or alcoholic, as you wish) and some good music. There are so many games you can play such as Monopoly, Blackjack or even something childish as Guess Who!

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