Looking back at my second year of university

There is nothing better than having lunh with friends
A view from the science centre of the Leek road campus, both of which have been my home for 8 months!

So, for me second year of university is now over and I thought I would have a little look back. Second year certainly steps up a gear from first year and really gets going fast but overall, I’m pleased with my results from the year. We spent building on the theories we learnt in first year which was very interesting and also set us up ready for the modules in third year.

Second year came with quite a few bumps in the road for me personally. My health condition worsened over the year but it was something I overcame to finish the year with good grades which get me into all of the modules I want to do in next year. Something that stood out for me this year was the amount of support that the university offered me. My tutors, the enabling centre, my mentor and generally all the staff who I have been in contact with have been so understanding. It really made the difference.

I feel like I got to know more people in second year and deepened the friendships I made in first year and have been blessed to have some amazing people around me and I can’t wait to graduate with them next year. It is nice to have good friends around you so come exam time you can have some breakdowns together and then work through it together.


There is nothing better than having lunh with friends


I already have some plans in place with a friend who is taking the exact same modules as me. As soon as we get the assignments we are going to work together to get our heads around what it is asking as that is half the battle, then we will probably end up in the library for study sessions. It definitely makes it easier to look ahead at the work load when you have someone to bounce ideas off of, I would totally recommend it. (But, of course, each piece of work must be your own entirely, I am not suggesting copying, just studying together and bouncing ideas around.)

As soon as second year exams are over it really hits you how quickly university goes by. In three months, I will be starting my final year of my undergraduate degree and, if the last two years are anything to go by, that will be over in a flash and I will no longer by an undergraduate student. So inevitably the summer makes perfect sense to be the time where I started to make plans for after university. As soon as September comes life will get hectic so why not make use of the quiet time and plan.

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