Starting at Staffs in September – What do I Need?

When I came through clearing last year, I wasn’t sure what I would or wouldn’t need. And if you live in halls or are moving to Stoke for your studies this could be an even harder and longer list. To make life easier for you all I decided to write this blog…happy reading!

Note books, pens and pencils are a must! So make sure you have plenty of those. And a bag or two; ok five or ten if you are female to lug your stuff around in. Laptop, and charger, or ipads, e-readers, etc. are a great and easy way to access your lecture slides, and you can put your notes straight onto them. As I managed to drop mine, I’d recommend a good case to carry your equipment in, as replacing on a student budget can be challenging! Also be sure to not skimp on a good USB the last thing you need is it corrupting during deadline week.

Large Group of Office Supply on White Background
Large Group of Office Supply on White Background


If you drive and live over two miles away you can apply for a parking permit! You need one otherwise you will get fined…they’re easy to apply for when you complete you e-enrollment, or, if you live away use the train and don’t bring your car. When parents and visit, contact ResLife or the security team that can arrange a day pass for them. During moving in week parking is relaxed so you can get help to move in without any issues.

If you’re living away from home it really depends on where you’re rent from as to what you need to bring. But to be honest, I’d recommend a mattress protector regardless of where you move into. You should bring all your cutlery, and dishes, pots and pans…and a kettle is recommended if you’re not in university halls. Don’t forget your bedding, so duvets sheets and pillows should be brought, and you can you can buy them cheap from lots of places. Coat hangers don’t tend to be provided, and a great tip for utilising space is an over door hanger as this doesn’t damage walls! TV licence – now the rules are changing as of September 1st, so check online if you need one.

image of TV licence logo

Make sure you read your contract of accommodation carefully. And as a tip, ask a parent or older person who may of already of rented or brought their home to look over it too. Different landlords, ecohub and halls of residence have different term lengths, provide different services and have different rules about what you can and can’t do. Another top tip is don’t forget your toiletries. And bulk buy, especially toilet roll. A fellow blogger and ambassador says its best to keep you’re packs of loo roll in your bedroom and take one to the bathroom when you need it.

Be prepared for all weather too! from heat waves to snow – Stoke gets it all! So bring flip flops and wellies, vest tops and snow coats. Umbrella’s seem to be a good idea – till the gail forced wind blows them and you all over! So if you are needing to go out in bad weather, make sure your bag is water proof. You don’t want to damage anything important in there. Home comforts or pictures of your family and friends are a great way to keep spirits high, and remind you to call them! I am old, in my own home, but on my bed is my ‘chris rabbit’ my toy from a toddler, so if that works for you bring them!

Rolls of toilet paper isolated on white
Rolls of toilet paper isolated on white


Most importantly bring yourself – be be open to changing and trying new things.  Your personality and passion for the course and for the University. And don’t let it go! It was that drive and determination that got you here, so don’t let it go to waste now.

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