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Behind the stresses of exams, coursework, typing up notes, money and what to wear for that night out on Friday, for some there’s one most people don’t like to talk about – love and relationships. It’s a topic that people don’t really like to discuss: boys – because it makes them sound weak because they have feelings and it’s not cool to get emotional with the lads or, girls – because they might think it sounds stupid.


Now I’m no love guru or therapist, I do engineering ha ha. However, I’m a good listener and can give out great advice so I’m told. Advice I can give out but don’t listen to myself, yes I’m that type of person! Relationships at university aren’t easy, they require hard work and understanding, if I’ve learnt one thing the key to surviving and being happy is talking. Don’t bottle feelings up because usually you’ve taken a one track look at something and someone else’s opinion can help you look at things from a different prospective. Talk to a friend or even your partner you won’t sound stupid, taken from one of my motto’s of life that I tell anyone I speak to “you can’t apologise for feelings you don’t choose them they choose you”.

Love is meant to be enjoyed it’s there to add to your life, make you happy and give you that reason to smile in a morning not to drag you down or make you cry – I think it’s important to remember that. It’s a very complicated and delicate thing is, love.


One piece of advice I would give to anyone is that if someone is special and you can see that, don’t let them get away because as clichéd as it sounds it could end up being too late before you realise and then they are gone. Don’t let silly things come between you, if they are special don’t be stubborn go after them if they are upset, back down even if you think you’re right, love can help you through University because you can have someone special who is there for you to support you.

If you love someone tell them because you might not be able to tomorrow.


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