Stoke-on-Trent?! Why?

…is forever the question I’m asked when I tell people I study at Staffordshire University. My answer is quite a complex one but it fits with the theme we’ve had on campus recently with #AllStokedUp and the campus launch. Most of all if you’re deciding on a University take a second to read my why and think maybe Stoke-on-Trent could be for you.


Okay, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out it’s not Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle or Liverpool so it’s not buzzing 24/7 (stay with me) but that’s part of its charm, unlike a city centre campus, our University is close enough to the city centre to be walkable but equally it’s far enough away it feels like it’s own little village with a family atmosphere. It has the perfect balance of lively city life but the quiet relaxed feel of the countryside.

I’m never bored people always automatically assume there’s nothing in Stoke-on-Trent, well that’s because they’ve never looked. Stoke has so many hidden gems to explore or experience you just have to have a look, Water World for one I came from Leeds and even a huge city like that doesn’t have an epic water park with slides they even have water disco nights! For those who can drive you can get in the car, drive 10/15 minutes and you’re into the countryside with breath taking views fresh air and a calming atmosphere, whether you want to be alone or a romantic drive it doesn’t disappoint.img_3519

Events: whether its guests at LRV (Hot Dub Time machine was amazing best
gig/DJ set I’ve seen), a show at the Regent Theatre or a movie and meal at the Cineworld Complex you’re not short of evening entertainment you can’t be bored!

img_3521Now here’s the main part the University (you may think I have to say this but I actually mean it) it’s fantastic, I’m into my second year and I couldn’t be happier choosing Staffs was the best decision I made. It’s a University who cares about its students and wants to constantly develop and grow. I feel apart of a family here, everyone seems to know everyone or have a connection some where and no one gets judged. I go away for a day or two and all I want to do is go back cause it feels like home. So why Stoke? Because it’s become my home! I’ve adopted Stoke as home.




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