10 Top Tips for Clearing!

Clearing Made Clear

Hey everyone,

Samantha here again!

As promised, I am here doing my 10 top tips when it comes to Clearing. These tips will ensure that you are well prepared if you need to go to university through Clearing.

1. Stay Calm!

Even though it may seem like the end of the world that you did not get into your university of choice, trust me, it isn’t. Staying calm is the best way to get through the whole Clearing process, as there is quite a lot of information that you need to process.

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2. Do your research…

Learn about the universities that you would want to apply to beforehand, even if you think you’ve got the grades. This means that if you do have to go through Clearing… you are ready!

3. Make a list

Have a list of the courses and Clearing hotline numbers of the places that you are interested in. That way you’re not looking through loads of websites on the day.


4. Get some advice

Before results day, seek advice from family, friends and career advisors.

5. Visit the university

If you can, visit the university before you get your results. This will help you to get a feel of university life and it will be a great day trip to a new city!

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6. Get support from friends and family

The Clearing process may be daunting but having support from your friends and family will make the process a little less scary.

7. Find a quiet place to call the universities

Results day is a loud and exciting day. Make sure you find somewhere quiet to call the universities so that you can hear any information you need and ask the relevant questions.

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8. Have your details to hand

Have your UCAS number, your results and any other information you may need… because that is one of the first things the universities will ask for!

9. Know why you want to study a course

Don’t just pick it because you ‘think’ you might like it. Make sure you research the courses and find the best fit for  you.

10. Have questions to ask!

You may be able to speak to the lecturers, so it’s best to have any questions ready.

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For more information on Clearing or to speak to an expert, visit www.staffs.ac.uk/clearing

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