Ember Lounge regeneration

A new Ember lounge is coming!

If you’re already at Staffs, you’ll know that this place is the centre of day to day uni life – and if you’re not here yet, you’re in for a treat because in September a fresh new Ember lounge is opening and its better than before! It’s going to make karaoke Tuesday’s, quiz Sundays and football nights all that bit sweeter and the food is just nom nom nom (addictive).

So what do I mean when I say new? Don’t worry it’s in the same place, it’s just getting a refurb so it’s all fresh and new. It’s not just a couple of new tables and a light fitting here and there, they are completely gutting the place, from the carpets to the lights in the roof.

Back in April, the union set out a concepts table (which you can see above) to showcase what the plan was and to get students feedback on what they were planning to do, which through general feedback and hearsay was mostly positive and well received. I for one can’t wait and have so far enjoyed watching the work begin on gutting the place out… and boy does it look empty!

So what does the future of ember lounge hold? Unlike the old one, the new one will be split into 5 zones based on design and furniture which will give each area it’s own unique feel and identity. The zones will range from coffee shop to evening bar feel with a reoccurring theme of an urban, contemporary and relaxing place to either study or socialise. Funky sofas, American coffee shop signage and retro metal bar stools all await… This refurb will truly concrete ember lounge’s place as the place to be on campus.

Selfishly, I’m looking forward to having a new fresh place to watch football in the week and the possibility of having a fresh new menu! I think burger in brioche buns would completely match the look and feel of the new design but that’s just me (hint hint SU). New locations for TV’s and more seating in a better arrangement will mean better social activities and inclusion. The coffee shop zone will also be a comfortable place to sit, relax and study in the day between lectures… which will be a great addition to the campus! The urban styling is perfect to set the mood for a coffee and notes.


It’s all very exciting and I can’t to get into the place in September and see how concept has become reality!



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