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As am ambassador I have lots of stories about what I’ve done, but I thought I’d share their stories and favourite moments of being an ambassador with you…here’s what they said.

Student ambassador Kristian

Kristian Harrison-Second year English & Journalism student

Being part of the student ambassador team has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my time at Uni. I have made some amazing friends and had some wonderful experiences that no other job I’ve had could provide, whether it’s been leading tour groups, travelling across the country or swinging from ropes 40 feet in the air filming promo material I have never had a dull moment at work.

Mattie Bagnall has been an ambassador for 4 years, he has just finished his MA in Theatre Practice by Negotiated Learning and has a BA (Hons) in Drama Performance and Theatre Arts

Being an ambassador is a brilliant experience, I’ve worked so many different types of jobs for the university so you’re always doing something new and different. I’ve got to meet so many people and meet new friends and working the UCAS Fairs means I’ve got to travel up and down the country too which has been great!

Staffordshire student ambassador lisa Rutter

Lisa Rutter level 5 Law student

The role as ambassador is by far the most diverse job I’ve had. When I say diverse, I mean in all kinds of ways. The people we meet both on the job and colleagues, the jobs we are given which are both challenging and rewarding. I get to travel across the country trying to inspire others into attending university so they can have the experience I’m currently having. My best moment so far was working graduation and seeing all the students and their families celebrating successes. The whole week was somewhat magical and to be part of it was amazing (though a foot bath helped).

Kate Nixon, level 6 Illustration student.

Being an ambassador is the best job I’ve ever had. It has opened up new doors and experiences for me and there is a real sense of mutual respect between ambassadors and staff. Being an ambassador does not feel like work. It has so far been a rewarding and enriching experience which has helped me not only to support myself financially whilst studying but has also helped me to gain confidence and experience which will help me in my future career. I would recommend it to every student.

student ambassador josh

Josh Burnett BSc, Recent Psychology and Counselling Graduate

I’ve had so many experiences working as an ambassador for the university. Before I started I wasn’t very confident, but I pushed myself to do as much as I possibly can. My favourite moment was talking in front of over 300 people doing my Student Life Talk to a full house on an open day! It was so nerve racking but the adrenaline rush was crazy! Being a student ambassador has given me so much more confidence and other life skills.


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