The Labour Guarantee?

With the General Election looming over us next month, I want to especially take a closer look at two of Labour’s ‘leaked’ manifesto promises and how it will affect students in general.

Now, one of Labour’s BIGGEST promises when it came to Higher Education was to make universities free.

‘‘Labour believes education should be free, and we will restore this principle. No one should be put off education themselves for lack of money or through fear of debt.’’

With later on stating though their manifesto;

‘‘Labour will reintroduce maintenance grants for university students, and we will abolish university tuition fees. University tuition is free in many Northern European countries, and under a Labour government it will be free in Britain too’’.

Now, of course for a student like myself… this is brilliant. I mean to not only re-introduce maintenance grants but to also abolish tuition fees?

It may seem like a bold move for Labour but is it merely just a fanciful dream in an ideal world?

Labour also promises to re-nationalise the rail which would in effect make it cost effective for students to travel back and forth without it nibbling away at their maintenance grants.

Personally I would like it to be true as I do truly believe that education should be free regardless. However, with no cost plan at the moment, it seems that we may have to wait a little longer before these bold promises can even come to fruition.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


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