Settling into Student Accommodation

It’s been over a month now since I moved into Leek Road Halls here at Staffs and I’m happy to say that I’ve now fully settled into living here. While I am still a fresher and definitely not an expert on uni life yet, I can offer a few nuggets of wisdom on how I turned my little uni room into my home.

~Tidy room, tidy mind~
We’ve all heard it said, but it really is true. Coming home after a long day to a messy room really does put more stress on you – and as a uni student you really don’t need extra stress that’s so easily preventable! I myself am extremely prone to having a messy room, but since moving here I’ve learnt how to keep myself organised. My biggest tip for keeping a uni room tidy is to make your bed every day once you get up. It’s the first thing you see when you come in so it’s nice to see it looking nice.


~Remind yourself of home~
Trinkets. Teddies. Books. Films. Posters. Anything that will make you feel more at home – bring it. That way, you’re not making your room your home from scratch, you’re decorating it with pieces of your home-home. Also it’s really nice when you inevitably start to get homesick to look around and see how much of home is still with you.

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~Liven up your walls~
As well as reminding you of your old room, posters are a great way to make your walls more interesting, rather than keeping them blank for the whole year. Back home I only had one small poster up in my room, but luckily here at Staffs they had a big poster sale on College Road not long after move-in. There, I was able to buy a bunch of new posters at a great price so now when I look around I can see art, quotes, characters etc. that I love stuck up on my wall.


~Get by with a little help from your friends~
When all is said and done, what makes a home is the people in it. Get to know your flat mates, invite your friends from your course over. Whether it’s a flat party or a small study date, having people around you who feel welcome and rested can really put you at ease.


~Give yourself a work space~
You’re provided with a desk in your room. Don’t just use it to chuck your things on at the end of the day or as an extra storage unit. Make sure that when you need to you can crack on with work – and work WELL – at your desk. No one knows you like you, so give yourself what you know you’ll need. I myself have chosen to make my space cosy, with fairy lights and a lava lamp, as well as a main lamp for when I need extra light. I keep the space around my desk organised enough so I know where everything is when I need it.


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