Looking at Life After Uni – A First Years Hopes

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I’ve been doing a lot of student representative work at open days for the radio production course already. I love telling people genuinely how wonderful the university is and how incredible my teacher’s have been since the day I started. But this also means spending time with a third year student and getting to see him approaching graduation, admittedly I feel nervous just listening to him talk about leaving and his plans. So I wanted to make a little time capsule post to look back on in a couple of years time and see what has changed and where my life is going. So here it goes:

At the moment I am still very at home orientated, regardless of the fact that I am 178 miles away, I still am determined to get as much work for my radio station back home, as I possibly can whilst trying to hit assignment deadlines. I have SO much work to be doing for my radio station that I sometimes find it hard after spending a year doing it, to then be trying to focus on other work.

I’m still in a phase where I feel like I’m on a camp and I will be going home soon, it’s bizarre. I find it hard to hear about what is going on at home and not because I don’t expect my family to sit and not do anything whilst I am away but it’s difficult to hear that my life and my routine and my normal is happening without me and I hope that’s something that will fade over time.

I don’t know exactly where I want to be in 3 years time but I don’t think it will ever be too far from home. I want to be out of my home town and to experience something new but at the same time I hate being so far away. My third year at a recent open day said he can’t ever see himself moving back home and that would terrify me. I come from a big family as it is but I don’t think I could cope with not seeing them often.

I can’t wait to see what decisions I make as I go through university, whether that be where I am staying next year or how my degree shapes me into being the person at the end. I am excited to see what opportunities Staffordshire University will open up for me and how my thoughts and views will change over the next couple of years.



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