Graduation Date!

Mortar boards being thrown into the air at one of our Graduation Ceremonies in 2014Graduation dates for 2016 have been put on the uni website, and now its all becoming very real!

I’m sure every year third years start to panic as soon as the dates are confirmed because its something that is going to happen, not just an event three years or so away.
Everyone is talking about dissertations and final year projects and we seem to forget that we will be donning a gown at the end of the year.

Graduation is now less than six months away, and finding out the classifications of our degrees are too.

Putting that in writing has made it all feel really real, in my head I’ve still got ages left of university, but in reality my course finishes in four months.

Silly things
come into your head like what to wear, what family members are going to come, its it going to rain, am I even going to get there, and most importantly; where do I even get a gown?!

I’m looking forward to graduation, and having all my family around me to celebrate three years of university and hard work, and actually getting a job before I graduate.

To see the dates and other information, like ticket prices click here.

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