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Perhaps the simplest pledge to take at is ‘step up’ and it’s a simple pledge…literally meaning take the stairs. I have seen people queuing for a lift when there’s only a flight or two to walk up (you know who you are…lazies). Don’t opt for the awkward silence of a lift, where eye contact is a no go and the strangest of people linger. By doing this you will decrease your CO2 output by 7kg, literally saving the planet one step at a time (the pun was unintentional I swear).

lift with a sign about using the stairs to floor 2

Go public! Public transport can be a little bit ‘ick’ to say the least, I’ve found the easiest way to follow this pledge is to use the bus on a night out, instead of waiting around for a taxi. (The bus ride from the uni into Hanley town takes about two minutes and only costs £1.50) So not only are you saving your pennies but also cutting down on wasteful emissions. If like me, on a ‘proper’ night out you will generally be out until 5AM, I’m not the only one snacking away on questionable takeaways. Well, instead of bothering some poor taxi driver with your drunken phone voice, get the bus! Buses start to run at around 4/5AM, your travel for the night could literally cost £3, so there’s no longer any excuse for not going out when your skint!

Lift share! By this I don’t mean turn your friends into chauffeurs, I imagine there will be some protest on their part. If you both live relatively close and are both heading the same way, take it in turns to be the designated driver. It’s kinder to your petrol tank and in turn the ENVIRONMENT!

On your bike… Ride your bike I mean. Cycling is a great way to get around, more often than not a cyclist will beat you to your desired destination in rush hour traffic. Cycling is also a great way to stay healthy, I feel like spin classes are my best example here, but let’s face it they are awful.  You’re on a bike surrounded by sweaty strangers, listening to terrible music whilst your legs plead for mercy. This is after your gym robs you of almost a £5, on top of your regular membership. You can get the same effects cheaper and happier by cycling to meet a friend for coffee.

bike donation

Why bother?

·         They save you money.

·         They reduce CO2 emissions (The next time you see a polar bear, you can feel less guilty).

·         They can improve your health.

These tips may not seem like a lot, the hardest thing about them is actually pledging to do them! It takes 2 minutes online to pick a pledge and to receive tips to keep up the good work.

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