My Top 5 Uni Essentials!

A drinking goblet

So you’re going to university, which can be daunting on it’s own. But then there’s the question of what should you take to your new home away from home. I’m a obsessive packing person and so I like to take a load of random rubbish that you don’t really need, as I have found out in the past year. I’m just coming to the end of my first year in university halls and will be returning back to Clarice Cliff because of health issues in September, so I now know what I need to bring back to this flat and some things I consider essential!

1. A Toaster 

Metal Toaster

Here’s a picture of a toaster, just in case you don’t know what they look like! It’s the one thing that the university does not provide in their kitchens. When I moved in there was an oven, fridge/freezer, microwave and a kettle. I was so glad that I remembered a toaster because if you are very lazy like me, it’s far easier than sorting the grill out to make some breakfast. We now have a gorgeous collection of two toasters in our kitchen so it’s one of those things that you could maybe buy when you get here with your new flat if no one remembered to bring one. I also brought a kettle, which is in the kitchen but is a life saver as it’s boils a good 5 thousand years before the other one is even slightly warm, so look into that if you like your tea!

2. A Small, Foldable Step Ladder (Short people problems!)

My genius of a mother thought it would be a great idea to get me a small, portable step ladder for university. If you are like me and heightly challenged then a step ladder will be your best friend. Kitchens are designed for people who can reach things and it’s not fair, so a step ladder will make a great addition to your uni purchases. Mine currently lives under our kitchen sink and is used by my other short flat mate. It makes getting things a lot easier than being laughed at as you get the tall flat mate to get things from the cupboards for you!

Folding Step Stool

3. A Granny Trolley 

a shopping trolley

DON’T LAUGH AT ME OKAY! I am a genius and this will save your life! I wish I was joking, but honestly a granny trolley is the best thing you could ever buy (Granny not included). You can get some really snazzy patterned ones so you don’t feel like a complete idiot too! Granny trolley’s are great when you have gone shopping and you can’t carry it home by yourself or with your flat-mates. Taxi’s are expensive and I am so sure that my granny trolley has already covered the difference of a taxi cost! The whole flat use it, and as team we can get it from Asda to Clarice (about a mile) without bags breaking and rests!


Take things to cover your white, breezeblock prison walls. They are sad and need some decorating. My walls are covered in posters and cheesy family pictures (just for you here is an example):

Rebecca's family photo

My walls are covered in stupid pictures which makes it feel just a little bit like home.  Find the funny pictures and posters of bands you like (they’re cheaper than you think). Then you have talking points and some hilarity with your flat-mates.

5. Finally…Drum Roll please… A Goblet

drinking goblet

This sounds trivial but there is nothing better than eating dinner and drinking your orange juice out of a goblet. You will feel like a sophisticated adult and the flat will be jealous of you. You can find super cool ones too if you look hard enough!

6. (Which is really the serious no.5) A First Aid Kit

The world is a dangerous place. Knives, scissors, razors. Living on your own can get messy. I have a cheap wilko’s first aid kit but it has come in extremely handy. Like today for example, Nurse Becky had to bandage up a flatmates scissor accident with a peppa pig plaster. We couldn’t have done this without a first aid kid. PLASTERS GUYS! SAFETY FIRST!




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