Mortar boards being thrown into the air at one of our Graduation Ceremonies in 2014

I feel so proud to say, with a huge weight off my shoulders I actually made it through university and shall be graduating next week! Yes I shall be walking like Beyonce when they call my name.


Having bought my tickets and ordered my graduation gown whilst still studying it still didn’t feel as though I will be graduating. Only when the graduation tickets came through the post I thought this is really going to be me.
I went out and the first thing I bought to celebrate were new shoes for my ceremony!

Vicky in her red shoes

A few days later my sister told me to buy one more ticket for a ‘surprise guest’ I’m still not sure who this is, I thought it was my little sister as she’s currently in China but I’ve asked and nobody is telling me… this doesn’t sound like I’m in control of my day at all but I know my family wont bring anyone I don’t know so I’m sure they must be special.

After thinking about what I  wanted to wear for so long I decided to keep it plain and simple, after all my mother will be framing the photos to be put on the wall and I don’t want to be looking at my photo years from now wondering ‘what was I thinking?’

As I’ve Already bought bright red heels before my dress (not so sure that was a good idea) im limited to choices on what colour dress to wear….

TIP: Do not buy shoes before a dress!

Even my family keep asking me what I’m going to wear as they want to match my outfit, I keep telling them ‘I don’t know’ so my dad tells me that hes going to come in his work clothes as a joke. I sound so last minute right now but I think I  have everything under control.

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Started university in 2012 through clearing and now..... A Third year student officially finished studying Drama Performance and Theater Arts which has a fresh new title Acting and Theater Arts!

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