Graduation Week (#2)

Charlize throwing her mortar board in the air


Charlize at Graduation

For those of you who saw my previous graduation post you’ll probably understand why this is #2, however if you’re new to my blogs I’ll give you a quick summary:

Last year I took a two year foundation course in Early Years Childhood Studies which resulted in me graduating. I then decided to do a top up year to gain my honours which is why I have now graduated for the second time. I’m disappointed to say that for my foundation degree I wasn’t taking things as seriously as I should which resulted in a degree I wasn’t happy with, however this year I really buckled down and took on board all feedback I had been given from past assignments which resulted in me gaining a 2:1 Honours Degree in Early Years Childhood Studies and I couldn’t be more proud!

When I logged into my Portal and saw my results I nearly broke down in tears because for those in third year or who have graduated you understand how hard we had to work and the sacrifices made in order to get high degrees. I barely went out, my sleeping pattern was messed up and I was constantly feeling defeated and wanting to give up but graduating has made all that worthwhile.

The day itself was filled with so many happy and proud faces and although I had it all last year I couldn’t help but feel nervous especially when my name was being called because for all my ladies who wore heels you will know about the concentration used to make sure you don’t fall whilst walking.

I had a great day and my family were extremely proud of me and how hard I had worked. I am also blessed to say that I am now working full time, but I will explain that more in my next blog.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2016!!

Charlize throwing her mortar boar in the air

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