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Some of the options on the e-coach website

The end of a university year can mean applying to jobs for some people. Some are applying for a job to boost their finances for the following university year, and some are looking for a job to start their career. Some of you might even be looking for volunteering jobs to get some experience in your desired field. Whichever applies to you, I understand it can be a stressful time and the pressure mounts up the longer you are looking for a job.

If you just need money and don’t really mind what job you do, then apply for everything you find and take the first thing that comes up.

Unitemps could have the perfect website for you!

Try looking on Unitemps for jobs. They have lots of types of jobs which might fit in with your studies or be full time if you have finished studying.

If you’re looking for a job that specifically relates to your career field, then try to find as many job related to that as possible. The more you apply for, the more chances you have of getting a job.

If you can’t get work directly in your desired field but can in a related area, then take that work while you keep trying to get into your desired field. Building up work experience in a related field can only be good thing.

Always be ready to learn in your job. There is always room for more learning throughout life and as well as impressing your boss by your keenness to learn, you are also getting more information which may serve you throughout life.

If you don’t get a job that you apply or even interview for, don’t get disheartened. There are so many people going for each job in today’s society that there is fierce competition and just because someone is better than you on the day doesn’t mean that you won’t get a job.


The Staffordshire Graduate attributes will serve you well after university.


When you go for your interview, be enthusiastic about the job and the degree you are studying for or have graduated with. Staffordshire university has a pledge called the Staffordshire Graduate where there are a number of attributes which each student will gain during their time at university. The ways for you to gain these attributes will be embedded in your course but think through the attributes and you will find good examples of how you have shown them and this will impress your potential employers.

When you first start in a new job, remember it is OK not to know everything and be a little lost at first, everyone is. Just ask for help and work hard and that’s all anyone can ask for.

Some of the options on the e-coach website


Being a student or graduate of Staffordshire university means you get to use the careers network and their online tool called e-coach. They offer guidance in career path, interview practice, a CV builder, and many more services. All of these services are available to student and alumni alike.

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