After 3 years of hard work, this was my Graduation ?

Graduates throwing their hats in the air

After the weeks of thinking what dress do I wear? What shoes will I be least likely to fall over in? And what family members are coming? graduation FINALLY arrived.

Writing this blog after graduation, it seems like it was forever ago. But actually it was just under two weeks!

Honestly the day was so much fun, and if I could go back and do it all over again I would.

Emma with her family in the PhotoBooth

It was fab to have all of my family around me, telling me how proud they were, and hearing them cheering when my name was read out (they were SO loud).

When I went to see them the night before, I wasn’t nervous just excited to see them.

But when it was actually the day I was ridiculously nervous for no reason.

That feeling did go away, but came back again as soon as we got told to go up to the stage.

I have never wanted to walk across a stage faster, and if I’m being honest I don’t remember that part!

Having photos taken with all my family, our own and a professional one was great, and I’m excited to see how they came out!

Emma in her graduation clothing

Not only was it a time to celebrate everyone’s achievements over the last three years at getting here, but it was also a time to see everybody one last time before we all go our separate ways.

My course is a small one, with under 20 people attending for us at graduation.

All this means is that we know each other so much better, and I’d like to think that we’re all very proud of each other.

Emma and classmates sitting in the Graduation Ceremony

It was also nice to see our lecturers again, once more before everyone splits off all over the country.

But it was weird to have our families meet the lecturers. Parent – lecturer interaction is non-existent at uni, graduation is the only time they meet. A good weird, but weird all the same.

Journalism graduates with their lecturers

If I could do the day all over again I would, as Trentham Gardens was beautiful and the weather stayed sunny for us.

My three years at Staffs could not have ended with a better day, and to top it off getting a First Class Honours degree in Journalism.

I’m excited to see where all my friends end up over the next year or so, and where I will be a year from graduation.

So bye for now Stoke! I’m sure I’ll go back just one more time for an LRV night out..

Emma x

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