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I pride myself on being a very clean and organised person in terms of the place that I live, however I am definitely not a tidy person. I don’t know how I manage it but everywhere I go seems to be a mess. The exception to that while I was living in university halls was the kitchen as I always kept my stuff tidy because other people would use that room too and I didn’t feel it fair to leave a mess. My room however was a different story and as soon as I would tidy it once, it would be messy again. This meant that I got very good at being able to go from very messy to very clean and tidy.

These are the steps I took:

First make sure your bed is clear of stuff and make the bed.

Next, put all the clothes from your floor onto the bed and sort them into a washing pile and a clean pile. Put the washing pile in your washing bin or bag and fold the clean clothes neatly but leave them on the bed.

Next, separate the clutter on the floor into piles such as DVD’s, cd’s, uni work, books and any other piles that fit what is on your floor. Then put them all back in their proper place so that the floor is clear.

There is an additional step for those who have their own bathroom. Clear up any clutter on the floor and give the room a good clean.

Once everything is off the floor, I tended to give my desk a little dust and then empty the bins and take them out.

Finally, pop the clean clothes back in the wardrobe and give the room a vacuum.

Alexandra's room after tidying
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I am sure that keeping the room tidy on a regular basis would be much easier, but that just isn’t my personality and I was so busy most of the time that I didn’t have the chance so hopefully if you are like me then this will make things easier when you have a room inspection coming up. However, I do advise doing it more than just for an inspection.

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