Mature Students Guide to Surviving Welcome Week

Welcome week is hectic in certain areas on campus and it can feel like information overload, timetables, library, parking, books, freebies, animals! Yes I am being serious animals are on campus – or were last year.

I’d advise a clear head, pen and paper and comfy shoes! Bring a spare bag as you’ll get plenty of cards and flyers, don’t throw them away as you might want some of the offers on them or could even need them! My lecturers were really nice and printed off the first semester’s time table off too.
Try to do your registration online, it saves time! Bring all the documents you need to get your ID too. And activate it as soon as possible. If you don’t then using the facilities around the University can be tricky.

blogger lauren with a lizard at welcome week

But if your a parent like me then I’d advise making sure you have plenty of time. Every new student can take tours around campus to know where your going and library introductions, so you can imagine how fast paced it is. You’re given a crash course in using e-vision and blackboard, our online systems, so get ready to take notes if you haven’t used them before and you need to write down your passwords and logins. Sort your child care out, and get a backup in place as soon as you have your timetable.

Take the time to familiarise yourselves with all the buildings, areas and room numbers. Sometimes rooms have to be changed, or you may meet in a particular area instead of a class room. This is your time to find things out. The comfy flats will become your best friend this week

Sort out your travel arrangements too. Although public transport down to the university is frequent – make sure yours from Hanley bus station is. Think of welcome week as a test the water week in terms of travel.

When I said animals – there was a reptile lady and I got to hold a JubJub as they’re known in my house (after the Simpsons). This is your time to get lots of freebies and offers. They’re not all about boozing either. Last year I had a free burger, (ok it was in a pub, but you don’t have to drink), pens, pencils, highlighters, a cheap bus pass – my daughter used this, and I met Levi Roots! Let me re-word that, I met a dressed up as Levi Roots and got some sauce pouches.

blogger lauren with a Levi Roots character at welcome week

I would say my key piece of advice is make friends. Get to know the people you are on the course with. These people are going to be in your life for the next three years. You will need them for one thing or another at some point. You will end up doing group work with them. And if you don’t make friends you won’t enjoy it as much. If you join a club or society make friends here too. Or if you’re on the ambassador scheme get to know who you’re going to work with. It really makes a difference to your university experience, and being honest I have more ambassador friends than on my course!

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