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In the last month I have signed a contract for my new flat in Manchester and got the keys – scary and adult and I’m  not sure how its going to go!

As much as I am sad to leave Stoke after three years, I’m excited to see what Manchester has in store for me. Even though I’ve done the whole moving out of home thing before since I moved away from home for uni, this is very different. For the first time ever in my life I’m living completely alone, in a flat that I found and that I have to look after.
Only slightly terrifying.

Emma's house keys

It is very different to living with other people, and when things go wrong (which they have) I have to sort it out myself. Bills I can deal with, however more than once I have forgotten to pay council tax, because as a student I never had to pay it. I have now paid it (three months later).. but it’s things like that you just forget, and a TV license to name another. But I am really enjoying my time so far, Manchester is different to Stoke and home. I’ve never really lived in a bigger city before, so it is nice. There’s always something going on, and always something to do, especially with the graduates / alumni that I know are here too.

view of media city

For anyone worrying about taking the step from moving out of your parents into your own place – just do it. The happiness of being at home and having everything done for you will wear off, your parents will more likely than not hint that you should get a job and pay rent – this is something a few of my fellow graduates have expected. I’ve been very lucky in the sense that I managed to get a job before I graduated and find a flat. Finding a job isn’t going to be that easy, and getting the money together for your own place will be hard too. BUT – when you reach that milestone it will feel amazing, that you achieved it by yourself and a place to call your own.



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