Calling Clearing – Is it too late?!

It’s never too late!

Besides blogging I work on the Clearing phone lines at Staffs Uni. And I can tell you it is not. We are still here and busy in the Clearing hub taking calls. We are here for the rest of this week and Saturday too! You can find the opening times on our website.

If you do call us, you will also get to speak to an academic tutor. They’re here too, and if you’re confused about the admissions process we have staff that can answer all of your questions to help make the process easier.

student ambassadors on the clearing hotlines

Although the hub goes to less staff after the end of August, Clearing places are still available until the end of September, so it’s never too late to call us for Clearing. And with some courses starting in January and March, applying and coming to Staffordshire University could not be easier.

If you don’t want to call, or you are local, come in and see us! Myself or another student ambassador can take you all around campus, show you the rooms your lectures will take place in and tell you all the gossip! We have tips and hints from a student point of view too, like what’s the best burger on campus.

Clearing can also be a time for you to change your mind. Whether you now want to do a different course or come to university instead of work, the Clearing lines are here to help. Our Clearing number for all questions is 0800 590 830, or if you are coming into see us, our Clearing reception is at the Brindley building, open the same times as the Clearing lines.



When it comes to Clearing, we know a thing or two. You could say we’re the Clearing Experts. We make the process clear and we’re happy to help with advice and guidance. Even if you don’t come to us. Search courses in Clearing: or ask our experts: 0800 590 830 #StaffsClearing

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