Before studying abroad: What you need to know about the UK

Anybody that has experienced studying abroad will know that no matter how much research you’ve done, and how prepared you think you are, it isn’t always enough. This is because some topics are barely mentioned on any platforms and it takes time for you to realise and find out.

Study aboard is a huge thing. So I listed down things you might want to be aware of:

  1.  Visa – If you’re not from the EU, you will most probably need a student visa called ‘Tier 4 (General) Student Visa’. Visa’s can only be applied for when you have received Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the University.
  2. BRP – This means Biometric Residence Permit. It is like an ID card/visa. You will only have it when you have registered yourself in the University/UK. You can either collect it from University or the designated post office.
  3. Bank Account – Once you are in the UK, make sure you get a student status letter in order to apply for a bank account. Walk into any of your preferred banks and schedule an appointment. You will have a session with a bank officer in order to open an account. Remember to bring your passport, BRP and student letter. (Hope I didn’t leave anything out!)
  4. Travelling – If you love travelling, you might want to consider getting a 16-25 railcard where you can enjoy 1/3rd off rail fare prices within the UK. Either apply online or at the station ticket office. (I applied online and it didn’t take long to receive by post.)


Besides the points I have listed above, I have also shared my living experience in the UK in this weeks Vlog. Check it out below.

As usual, comment below if you have any questions ^^





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