Review: Klay Pizzeria & Bar

What can I say about Klay?

It’s a very unassuming place, tucked into the Cultural Quarter in Hanley surrounded by the likes of the Regent Theatre, Rawr and The Marzipan Pig. And this is no coincidence – these businesses and so many more along Piccadilly are championing a new era for Hanley on the back of Stoke-on-Trent’s bid for City of Culture. They want locals, particularly the students of Staffordshire University, to ditch the takeaways and deliveries and instead embrace the city centre. Klay Pizzeria, in particular, are always in competition with the likes of Domino’s and Pizza Hut, but all I will say is this – these two have nothing on a fresh, wood-fired pizza from Klay.

The restaurant itself is edgy, but still welcoming, and the authentic smell of wood smoke that fills every floor gives the illusion of being in a quaint and cosy country pub. It’s just as inviting to a young child as it is to the elderly, and all ages in between. The kind and accommodating staff also contribute to this comfortable atmosphere.

Now – for the pizza! The menu immediately stood out to me as being unusual but in a good way. My pizza tastes are usually quite plain, but I was drawn in by the vegetarian options for their tasty combinations, and in the end I opted for The P.V.W.

I was not disappointed.

I can confirm that on reflection, it’s the best pizza I have ever eaten in my entire life. Just for the freshness of the ingredients, particularly the dough, and that combined with the incredible taste of a wood-fired pizza…well, I’m sold.

I will admit that before I visited Klay, my favourite place to get pizza was Domino’s. Then an independent in my hometown came second, and Pizza Express came in at third. Klay is now at the top of my list, and it will probably stay there, for Klay will become a place I visit for a special occasion from now on. Perhaps after seeing a show at the Regent Theatre or the Victoria Hall, I will not instantly think to go to McDonald’s for the after-show dinner. I will instead cast my mind to Klay.

I cannot rave about this place enough. If you think you know what your favourite pizza is, go and try one at Klay. Everything will change. I promise.

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