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Rebecca's rug that she created of a rocket

I find the adjustment from going back to live at uni or now coming home quite difficult. I don’t handle change very well and it actually can make me extremely poorly. I love being home but it feels so different now that I have been at uni since September. So much changes whilst you are away, especially if you have younger siblings because you leave and they still seem so little and you come back to grown ups. My biggest shock was coming home to three teenagers instead of one, everybody has grown up so much since I left. I now have both younger brothers taller than me and Phoebe the youngest of the gang is slowly catching me up height wise.

So many things change when you leave for uni and come home, for a few weeks it felt like I was just temporarily staying home and then going back. It doesn’t feel like home at first after being away for so long. Your room isn’t your room anymore because all of the things you took to university are in boxes, those little things that make it yours aren’t on their shelves or in their places where they have been for so many years.

Your independant control is gone, you no longer have to worry about what you will eat each night and in my case you can’t go to places like the shops as easily. I live in a little village in Essex and I still don’t drive and with my anxiety I even struggle getting the bus. So at the moment I am somewhat stuck miles away from anything to do, whereas at Staffs I can just walk to town and to the shops and everything is so close and accessible. I didn’t realise how much I took Stoke-on-Trent for granted whilst I was there.

I miss my friends and the people I got close to this year, because everyone comes from all over the country. It’s not like having friends at home that you can see most weeks and for me being homeschooled I didn’t really have that many close friends that I saw I all the time. I miss the interaction with my flat and my class, it feels weird to not see them after being with them for so long. But I have the excitement of seeing them again in September (but hopefully I will see them before that too!)

As much as I have struggled with the adjustment back home it is so nice to be back in my old routine and environment and it just feels like everything has gone back to normal again. I’m looking at finding a summer job but until then I was treasured the days with my dog and have taken the time to start learning some new things (I made a rug, that’s how cool life gets!)

Rebecca's rug which she created of a rocket

If there is anything in particular that you would like to know about starting University in September, being a fresher or even what being at university is like in your first year then feel free to leave us a comment and I will happily write a blog for you 🙂



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