Goodbye Mukky Duck

Annrose and Friend outside the Lounge

On 13th of May the last ever Mukky Duck took place in Stafford. It was quite a bittersweet moment as this was the main student night on campus. And although we haven’t always gone to Mukky as it can get repetitive, my friends and I decided to go and celebrate at this place for one last time.

As the night progressed I kept thinking how much I would actually miss the place. First of all, the toilets. Why the toilets? Because is this is where I met most of my friends. It would usually start with me complimenting someone or vice versa and the next thing you know you are best friends!

Inside Legends Nightclub with the Mukky Duck Logo

I’m also going to miss having three different rooms of music. In particular I will miss that time of the night where the cha-cha slide and the macarena comes on and everyone starts dancing in unison!

The outside bit, also known as the smokers area. Although I won’t miss inhaling all the smoke, I will miss this place as you could just chill here with friends and cool down and also meet new friends here too.

Annrose and friend outside the lounge

Finally, I’m really going to miss getting food from The Other Room. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a cheeseburger to refuel you after you have been dancing the night away.

So, goodbye Mukky Duck. Thank you for being the place for where I met good friends and perfected my cha-cha slide and other dance moves. You’ll be missed here in Stafford. But onto next year I’m sure that there will be plenty of trips into town for Revolution, Couture, Casa and of course Weather Spoons.

Inside Legends at the End of Mukky Duck


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