What to do in Stafford Town

Stafford town square looking at the red telephone boxes

The town centre in Stafford is small and compact, filled with well-known and independent shops and restaurants. It has different things for different people and has some great architecture too. Having lived here for almost 2 years, there are still some places that I have not discovered. There is also a big shopping centre to be opened, with popular retailers, which will make shopping in Stafford that little bit better!


The main shops you can find in town are River Island, JD Sports, Accessorize and New Look. They are all quite small in size, which I think is a good thing because you don’t spending as much time and so much money in them! There are also a lot of charity shops, which I really enjoy shopping at, as don’t only get yourself a bargain, but you’re helping a good cause too!


The popular places to eat in town are McDonalds, Pizza Express and various Whetherspoons (one of them being an old cinema building). There are also some independent and nice restaurants such as The Bear Grill, The Swan and The Soup Kitchen. I have heard very good things about all these places, but I have yet to try them myself. I might do when the next student loan comes in! If you fancy a coffee, you will be able to find Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffè Nero. There are also a few independent café’s scattered about, so you can find something for everyone.


Other miscellaneous things in town are your beauty stores such as Superdrug, Boots and Savers. If you fancy doing some food shopping, you can grab yourself a bargain at Home Bargains or get your shopping at Iceland. Do bear in mind that there are other things to find in Stafford such as hairdressers, churches and gyms.

View of Stafford highstreet

I hope that this post gave you a brief overview of some of the things you can find in Stafford. There’s actually quite a bit to do and although it’s not the biggest town centre, it definitely is a nice area to do some shopping and get some food!

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