A Summer Realization

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So picture this… it’s late April and I just have said goodbye to the accommodation that has housed me this past year at uni.

Now it’s coming up to the middle of May and as we speak, I am typing this up on Word in my room back home. It’s rather surreal being back home. The very place in which I grew up, surrounded by the key people that have seen me go from a hyperactive child, moody teenager and somewhat of an adult now. Experiencing life as an independent adult was something which I yearned for years and years and having spent my time in university, in my own place… it really was fantastic.Jaz taking a selfie at home

For the past few weeks now that I have been back home, I had this feeling that nothing is quite the same as I had remembered but then it dawned upon me… we as humans have this logic that as much as we briskly move forward in our lives, that everyone we knew back home, our family and friends would be exactly the same as we remembered them… but we tend to forget that is not always the case. As we move on, so does time.

For myself, being back home and seeing my sisters have grown up in the past year was astonishing. These girls who I always remembered to be little troublemakers, now one halfway through her first year at college while the other halfway through Year 5 has left me baffled. What also baffled me is when I realized that in two weeks’ time I’ll be nearing 22… has time really moved that fast? For all intents and purposes, I remember turning 20 just last month but that was not the case… I have been so busy at university, enjoying the course and enjoying meeting up with new people that even I forgot about the passing of time.

But now that I am back home, back in my zone… I have work to do. Summer has begun and I need to prepare for September and what it has in store for me, until then my friends… I have edits to work on, blogs to write, and embarrassing birthday photos to be part of.

After all… time is of the essence. 😉


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