Adjusting to Life After Uni…

Man packing a car boot full of boxes and suitcases

Man packing a car boot full of boxes and suitcasesI’m officially back home and the word “weird” is definitely an understatement to how I’m feeling. I went to Uni with two suitcases and a couple bags with food and bedding etc and I’ve come home with over double of that! I don’t know where it’s all going to go!

Right now I feel like I’m on summer holidays but I’m sure once I start work and September hits, it’ll really sink in that Stoke-on-Trent is no longer my home. Currently I am looking for work which is stressful in itself. Filling in applications, updating my CV, writing cover letters. It’s like being back at Uni except I’m not receiving a grade for all this typing I’m having to do.

For those of you that are going into their final year I suggest you make the most of it. Work as hard as you possibly can because it WILL be worth it in the end. First and second year I can honestly say I didn’t take my studies seriously and it showed in my grades, however in my final year I buckled down and read all the feedback I received from previous essays and used that when writing my assignments which resulted in fantastic grades. (I actually cried from happiness). Make the most of your friendships as you may not see some of the people you’re with again or as often as you do now.

Life after Uni right now feels great, I’m loving the freedom, but I’m dreading the thought of starting my career as that means I’m no longer in the “University bubble” and reality is finally hitting me. Even now I still feel like I haven’t finished and I’ve forgotten to do an assignment! (lol). We all want to grow up and get through education as quick as we can but now it’s finally here I can honestly say…. I’m going to miss Staffs.

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