Clearing was the best decision I ever made…

Clearing Made Clear

I know a lot of people hate the idea of going through Clearing… You had in your mind a plan of what you wanted to be and what you wanted to do at university but then your college results ruined it all and you had no idea what to do next or a backup plan. This was me three years ago.

During secondary school I had decided that I wanted to take the career path of a Forensic Scientist and through my research I realised I needed Maths which was my weakest subject, however thanks to great tuition I left with a B meaning I could go to college and also do maths. I took Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Sociology for A levels and applied for Forensic Science at my chosen universities. After all my hard work I ended up with grades that weren’t good enough and I was offered a similar course at Staffs through clearing; Forensic Biology. I had originally accepted it but after talks with my mother I realised I had to think of a backup plan as I was weak with Biology and I didn’t want to end up stressing myself or changing my course halfway through university.

This was when I decided to do my course of Early Years Childhood Studies as I had previously done volunteer work at a nursery and loved it so it made sense to me as I had been saying I would love to open up my own nursery. I then phoned up Staffs Clearing once again and rejected the Forensic Biology and picked up the childhood course instead.

Looking back, I know if I had gone through with the Forensic Biology I probably wouldn’t have ended up with the degree I have now or I would have gone through a lot more stress to get it. Clearing may feel like the end of the world at first but trust me, sometimes it really works out in your favour and you’ll look back and wonder why you ever stressed about it.


When it comes to Clearing, we know a thing or two. You could say we’re the Clearing Experts. We make the process clear and we’re happy to help with advice and guidance. Even if you don’t come to us. Search courses in Clearing: or ask our experts: 0800 590 830 #StaffsClearing

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