Making Friends at Uni – My top 5 Steps

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So coming to university can be a daunting experience whatever age you are. And from an older persons point of view there are so many question I had. But whole heartedly I can say that every person who I’ve spoken with doesn’t care what age you are! Here are my 5 top tips on making new friends at university.

  1. Speak to everyone on your course. It’s easy to form a few close bonds with people, and there is nothing wrong with that. But speak to everyone from your course, it can only enhance your learning and expand your friendship base. Try to do this during welcome week and your first week at university. After that rotate yourself around in group work. Don’t just pick the same person or people to work with, this way you can get to know everyone.
  1. Become a Student ambassador! It’s a brilliant way to make friends; my closest ones at university were made here. And what’s better is you get paid. It’s such great fun and everyone is so nice. Unitemps also do work for students, and graduates, again you can make friends here, although a lot of their positions are just for single workers. I love being an ambassador though; I’ve even travelled around the country doing UCAS fairs with them, so living on the road, eating and working together creates a really good bond.

Image of Staffordshire Universities UCAS stand

  1. Join a club or society. You’d be surprised how quickly you make friends on these! It’s the easiest way to meet new people: like-minded students with interests similar to your own. There’s everything from trampolining to video games, so see what takes your fancy.
  1. When time allows you go out on social activities with your friends from university. Whether it’s a birthday party or to the gym do it! You’d be surprised how different you all are in a different environment. OK, so it may be harder if you’re older and have kids, but try and make the effort. I’ve got a sitter a couple of times, been the Karaoke at the Ember lounge one night and been to a 30th birthday party!

Image of Ember Square at Staffordshire University

  1. Get out there. Yes you should study, you do have to do house work, I have kids, but that doesn’t mean I come into lecture and go home. Make the time to socialise. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brew before or after lecture. Make a study group that meets on a day you’re not in lecture so you have to come in. speak to everyone, don’t sit on that table eating your lunch alone. Go and eat your lunch at the Reslife garden area and meet people that live on campus. Use the university social media pages to meet people on line first with similar interests or common grounds.


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